Biosilk to the rescue

Biosilk - The Luxury and Power of Silk

What do you do when you wake up looking like your hair is more fit for a bird than a public appearance? Well, first you put on a hat. Then you put on dark sunglasses. Then you take your hot mess looking self to the nearest Nordstrom for haircare products.

That was me yesterday. My hair look like, well, it looked like a bird’s nest. Not sexy at all.

As I was hunting for products a heavenly light shone down on this bottle of Biosilk. It looked glossy and shiny — everything my hair wasn’t. I picked up a bottle and headed straight for the register … I also picked up a LAMB top and some hair pomade on the way (what they were good deals).

When I got home I wrapped, combed, and lightly coated my hair with this magical potion. I popped on my D&G scarf and laid on the coach to watch An American in Paris. By the time the movie was over my hair had returned to it’s non-bird’s nest state. Best money I ever spent (that day).

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