Ask Fashion Kitty about Cashmere Mafia

Hey Kitties!

I am doing a new promotion on ThisNext for people who have fashion questions about the show Cashmere Mafia. Check it out and also check out my Cashmere Mafia page. Feel free to submit questions on ThisNext or in my inbox ([email protected]).

Over and out!


Critics are calling Cashmere Mafia the new ‘Sex and the City’. We don’t know about that, but we do like what we see. Plenty of drama and great fashions are what we tune in for every Wednesday at 10pm on ABC.

The quickest way to score all of those fabulous Cashmere Mafia fashions is to tune in to ThisNext. Starting today, through March 1, Fashion Kitty (hey, that’s me) will be answering your Cashmere Mafia fashion questions on the site. Simply submit a compliment on my page that includes your question. On March 5, your questions will be answered on ThisNext’s Cashmere Mafia page.


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