Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment - 1/2 Oz

You all probably have a tube of this in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet and you all know that it’s for … fixing up boo boos. But did you know you can use it on pimples?

I didn’t until a few weeks ago and let me tell you something … it works! After a family friend told me how this trick of hers I decided to try it. Lucky (or unlucky) for me I sprouted one on my chin (I know, gross) I dabbed on a little Neosporin and bam! Gone in 2 days without scaring.

The ‘without scaring’ was the kicker for me because that is the biggest issue I have with getting a pimple. Every time I get a pimple it leaves its traces for sometimes a month after the blemish is gone. My make up case is never going to be without a tube from now on.

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  1. I wish I read dis earlier so I could go get one before all d shops closed!..I seriously need one BADLY…I have not one but 3 scars left from pimples all on my cheeks! Thank you Thank You Thank YOU!!!

    I’m gonna get dis one first thing in d morning!

  2. hmmm…i find this hard to belive considering it is so oily and i think would cause more breakouts around the already affected area…just me but i dont think i would try it….be like putting vaseline all over…yech

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