Sweet, sweet Kitty fame

Check it out!! Glam Hub interviewed little old me.

Here is a blurb:

We all need friends who give good advice—the ones who will always tell it to us straight. Lauren Messiah is that friend to thousands of women with fashion dilemmas, counseling them through her blog, Ask Fashion Kitty.

Since 2005, the L.A.-based trendspotter has not only brought her no-holds-barred advice to the masses, but has also chatted about everything from her most recent shopping sprees to Hollywood beauty gaffes to her love of Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Fred Segal, and Sephora.

And here is the link to the whole thing>>>

Enjoy and thank you all for reading! My web fame would be non-existent without you.

3 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet Kitty fame”

  1. awesome! this is my favorite quote from you, which i think you should put on your blog header because it is so YOUUUUUUU:

    “Sometimes I hear Coco Chanel telling me to take one thing off before I walk out the door. Sometimes I hear some old bat telling me to match my shoes to my bag. Then I say “fuck them both” and wear whatever the hell I want.”

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