SET Haircare Products

SET Haircare Products

It’s so funny how my bathroom went from having zero hair care products to about a million (well, maybe like 10). Amongst those products is SET which is excellent for my own hair and the few extensions I have sewn into my hair.

The SET products that I use are the light weight mouse, which holds my hair in place without all of that gunky mess. It de-tangles, de-frizzes and adds a nice protector for heated styles. It’s really the perfect product for me since I am used to not using a thing, I can’t even tell that I have it on … except for the wonderful scent.

I also use SET’s seal protect, which is a nice gloss that give my hair a nice shine and also gets rid of any frizz that may have snuck up on me throughout the day. I pretty much use this product everyday, although my bottle’s days are about to be done since it exploded on the plane 🙁

Celebs love SET too … I hear that Diddy ordered a huge case of the stuff. If it’s good enough for Diddy it’s good enough for me.

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