Meeting My Idol, Betsey Johnson

*** Update****

Here is our picture!!! Isn’t she fabulous???

Girls, I don’t have long to post because I have to dash off to a meeting but guess what … Last night I met Betsey Johnson. Seriously, that is like my life dream. Out of all of the people to meet in the world she is number one. Fuck Brad Pitt and the rest of them … it’s all about B.J.

As soon as I upload my pictures I will post the photos of the two of us! It was great I was of course rocking Betsey clothes and she was too! Ahhhh … sorry, dying …. nonsensical post … AHHH!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Meeting My Idol, Betsey Johnson”

  1. Oh my god, I’m so jealous. What was she like? Was she dressed in neon colors? Is she as fabulous in real life??? I need details!

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