Dear Fashion Kitty, T & no A

I am a mom of 2, will be 26 at the end of January, I am short..about 5 ft 1, I have a size 38G chest, a poufy belly (from having kids of course) and hardly a butt at all.

So, I am proportioned wrong. I hate it so much.

Anyway, I am now back at work after being a stay at home mom for 6 years, and would like to dress classy for my age. People never believe I will be 26. I get mistaken for being 19 a lot for having a perfect complexion and baby face. Please help…I feel so frumpy because of my big boobs and no butt.

Ah yes, the curse of baby face … I often get mistaken for being a teen too but honey it’s a good thing.

Let’s get down to business, you have a lot of areas you want concealed, elongated, etc …

  1. Tops- When the top portion of your body is larger than the bottom you do not want to wear big voluminous tops, they will make you look like a cow and it that is not a good look. What we need to do on top is accentuate your chest without looking like a porn star and we need to conceal your tummy. These tops are going to be your new best friends:

    • V- Neck (with a camisole underneath)- The V-neck is going to elongate your body and show off your killer rack. The camisole underneath with conceal some of your cleavage so you aren’t offending anyone at the office.
    • Belted tops- I know you hate your stomach but every stomach has a waist in there somewhere. Find it and belt it. Make sure you don’t go with a belt that is too thin or else it will make you look bigger.
    • Longer tops- Since you don’t have a giant booty or large legs you can get away with longer tops. A longer top will thin you out and cover up your barely there butt.
  2. Bottoms– You are a young mom and clearly you want to improve your appearance so promise me you won’t fall into this mom rut … capri pants! Yuck, these pants will make you look fat and frumpy so just don’t do it. Wear these instead:
    • Wide leg trousers- A lot of people thing that wide legs pants will make you look fat when actually they do the complete opposite. With your longer top (hitting at the top of the hip) and your flowing pants you will look 10lbs lighter. Make sure you wear nice tall shoes to help this look along.
    • Flare/ wide leg jeans- If you are bigger on top you need to balance out the bottom with something a bit wider as well. Just because you are smaller on top doesn’t give you a free pass into skinny jean land. Also a nice wide leg jeans can give off a tailored look that is appropriate for work.

3. Other tips

    • Get a good tailor- Little jackets for the office are going to look adorable on you but will be almost impossible to buy off the rack. Leave your pride at the door and buy the size that fits over your bust (even if its a massive size) and take it to the tailor. It might cost you a little but it will be worth it!
    • Get good shoes- Having high heels will help you look thinner and give you a lot more confidence. Go with at least 3 inch heels.
    • Accessories matter- Wear long lariat necklaces to elongate your shape, it will take the emphasis right off of your tummy.

Oh and … Happy Birthday!

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