Dear Fashion Kitty, How do I wear it?

I have kind of a dilemma here, I recently bought this sweater (on sale) Well it’s really long, so I can’t convince myself to wear it with jeans, (because it is so long, it makes me look short). Am I wrong to hate it with jeans? Or could I wear leggings, or even dark tights and wear it kind of as a dress, or should I give up and wear it open as a coat? Also what kind of shoes would you recommend?

You are not crazy to hate it with jeans, I hate it with jeans too. I actually have a sweater that is similar and I refuse to wear it with jeans because it makes my ass look lumpy and my hips look big — not a good look. Here are some options for your adorable gray sweater:

  • Option #1- Black top, black leggings, tall black boots and a red bag.
  • Option #2- Wear it open with short shorts or a mini skirt (with tights) and Mary Jane shoes.
  • Option #3- Wear it open with a printed dress and black tights, go with ballet flats for shoes.

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