Dear Fashion Kitty, Help me find it for less!

First of all I la la la love your blog, read it all the time. I was wondering if you could help me out I want this black and gray top but I can’t afford it! The picture is below I think its about $250 at BCBG. I was wondering if you could get it online for cheaper or anything similar. I’m a student in my second year so between groceries and bills, there is little money left for shopping.


Thank you so much for reading my blog! I love knowing that I am not just talking to myself on here 🙂 On to your question …

$250 is too much for a sweater when are a student with bills to pay. I checked out BCBG’s site and they do have some of their striped line on sale but not your sweater. Here are some options for you ranging from $19.80 – $98. They of course aren’t exactly the same but they will help you get the look. Another option is waiting a month or so then head to the BCBG outlet — not sure if you have one where you live but its a goldmine for finding deals.

Striped cropped cardigan for$19.80 at Forever 21: This sweater has the colors right but the shape isn’t the same but for less than $20 I think you get over it 😉

Rugby Striped Cardigan for $19.99 at Urban Outfitters: This one is my favorite but doesn’t really look like the one pictured but if I were recreating that look, I would go with this. The shape is great and it comes in colors which to me is much for exciting for the winter to early spring transition.

Pinned SS Cardigan for $24.80 at Forever 21: The silhouette and color on this sweater is closer to what you want, only problem — short sleeves. Remedy that by layering it over a long sleeved black tee.

Striped Cardigan for $98 ShopBop by C&C California: I LOVE this one. It’s much funkier than the BCBG one but the black, gray, and white palette makes it easy to wear with anything.

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