Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl request

First off, THANK YOU for identifying so many Gossip Girl outfits — much appreciated! I was wondering if you know where to buy the purple studded coat that Serena wears at the end of episode 13 (the one that just aired). She wears it in the scene where she finally tells Dan that she loves him, then again when she stops Blair from flying to France. In the scene with Blair she is wearing the coat buttoned-up (or zipped up?) with a matching belt.

I am so glad all of your enjoy my Gossip Girl posts! It makes me sitting like psycho with sketch book and laptop in front of my television all worth it 🙂

Again, this one is hard but I am going to keep looking because I totally feel like I can find this one. In the mean time these two jackets below are quite similar.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl request”

  1. I also saw the episode and fell in love with coat….purple is absolutely my favorite color!!!!! I hope you do find it and keep us posted : )

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