Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl Fashions

I love all the fashion you find from the show gossip girl and I love all the fashion you post it’s all so cute and I LOVE all the clothes from Gossip Girl, lol, but i was wondering if you knew or could post what dress Blair is wearing in the School Lies episode when Vanessa is giving her the tape? It’s like a black dress with the white tights,and I’ve been trying to figure out what brand or where she got it ever since i saw the episode.

I am with you, I LOVE all of the clothes from Gossip Girl. The thing about season 1 Gossip Girl is that the clothes are old and most of them are no longer available. Next season will be much more fun because the clothes will be current. The dress you are talking about is one of the ones that is sold out. It is by Catherine Holstein, it is no where to be found online but I did hear that it is on sale at Barney’s stores.

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  1. I’m SO addicted to Gossip Girl…and I wasn’t even interested before you started recommending Gossip Girl stuff! Haha..Thanks for dat !

  2. There is a similar looking top being sold online at Target called “Erin Fetherston™ for Target® Short-Sleeve Swiss Dot Tie Tunic – Black/ White” on clearance for $20.99.

    The Erin Fetherston clothing at Target is surprisingly Blair-esque for very cheap and I recommend fans take a look.

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