Dear Fashion Kitty, College Interview Help!

I’m a senior in high school with many, many college interviews coming up and absolutely nothing to wear. I dress casually every day for school so I’ve never had the need to purchase semi-professional clothing until now. I would like to appear sophisticated and well-put together but of course, age-appropriate. As if this weren’t difficult enough, I also live in New York City, so I need to factor in the cold into whatever I wear. Do you have any suggestions? Pieces that I could utilize again by dressing up or dressing down would be best; nothing irritates me more than one-wear clothing.

I actually purchased this Tibi skirt, , a few weeks ago (on sale at that!) but I don’t know how to wear it. Any ideas? Or should I just give up with that and move onto something else?

Great skirt! You can totally wear that to your interviews. The length is perfect, the pattern isn’t too bold — it works. Pair it with tights (black is preferred) and a simple shoe, one that isn’t too high and has a nice soft round toe. I like this pair from the Simply Vera collection, they are on sale too.

For the top I wouldn’t go with a blazer they are too rigid and stiff for a college interview and chances are you won’t feel comfortable. I would go with a nice cardigan instead. A cardigan is more youthful but it still looks polished and put together. Wear a camisole or shell underneath in a muted color- I would go with gray myself. Please make sure the camisole shows NO cleavage. None. If you think so a minute that you look kind of sexy run back inside and put on a turtleneck (which can work too).

To top off your look add some accessories. I would put a thin belt around my waist (over the cardigan). The belt will make you look fashion forward and thinner. Sure those 2 things won’t help you get into college but they will make you feel more confident, which will help you get into college.

Jewelry wise, keep it simple with stud earrings and a thin watch. And since this outfit isn’t the most colorful thing in the world make sure you carry a nice bright bag that shows your personality. Good luck and if anyone else has outfit suggestions or advice put them in the comments section.

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