Dear Fashion Kitty, Club Clothes

I was doing a search for fashion on Google and I came across your website (it’s pretty sweet!) I have a random question, if you’d like to give me some advice 🙂 I need some tips on dressing to go out (to the clubs/bars) when its cold outside. Is the best thing to do is wear leggings or pantyhose under a dress or tunic? I am looking for options other than jeans! What about pantyhose/tights (whatever you want to call them!) under shorts? I love that outfit with the silver jumper you posted today. Did you get that recently?? So cute.
Oh the magic of Google! So glad you found me.

Going out during the winter months is a task isn’t it, during the summer months it’s so easy to throw on a little dress and head out the door. The key to looking hot when it’s cold is a shit load of confidence and working your style more than your sex appeal.

For winter I suggest layering with tights and wearing sexy coats over your outfits– yes coats can be sexy.

Here are some of my favorite going out outfits for when it’s cold outside …

Going out when it's cold outside

Another going out staple item for me this winter is this long sleeved Rachel Pally dress. Wear it with black leggings, boots and add a funky belt like this one from Meghan Fabulous.

PS- I did recently get that silver jumper, it’s from Erin Fetherston’s line at Target I got it on major sale!

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