Chanel Blue Satin Nail Polish

Chanel Blue Satin Nailpolish

It wasn’t too long ago that people went bananas over Chanel’s black satin nail polish. Bottles were selling on ebay for $60 and up, every young celebrity on the planet was painted with it and it even became difficult to nab a knock-off bottle at your local CVS.

Dark inky nails are still a fashion staple and Chanel has come out with a new dark shade that is has the fashion world buzzing — and they call it blue satin. I ordered a bottle before the holidays and was happy to find it waiting for me on my desk this morning. I haven’t manicured my nails with it yet but I did test it out on my thumb and it’s fabulous. In some lights it looks black in others a bright glittering blue.

Ordering from Chanel was probably the most secure online transaction I have ever made. The company called me to confirm my billing and shipping address, as well as my credit card information. The package came in a wonderful little Chanel logo printed box and two tiny samples (reviews on ThisNext coming soon). I highly recommend ordering from

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