Cashmere Mafia: Love it or Hate it?

Did anyone else watch Cashmere Mafia last night? It’s a new show on ABC starring Lucy Liu about 4 women living in Manhattan that are in their 30’s, they gab over cocktails and dinners about careers and men.

Sounds familiar? Well it should because this show is supposed to be the next Sex and the City. Lots of similarities including costume designer Patricia Field.

I watched last night and overall I was not impressed. It just seems too much like Sex and the City minus the part where I liked it. The story was meh and the clothes were even more meh. To me the biggest fashion upset was Lucy Liu. Patrica Field (whom I love) was putting her into quirky outfits or as I call them “Carrie” outfits. Lucy Liu just can’t pull them off like Sarah Jessica can.

As for the other outfits they were too “80’s power suit” … lots of colorful blazers, wide belts, pumps, loud jewelry. I am hoping I am just being overly critical because I went in expecting so much. We will see. I will be tuning in Wednesday (the regular time slot) to see if the fashions get better.

Here are some of the pieces that were on the show last night. Some of the outfits below weren’t on the show but they reminded me of pieces that should have been on the show instead 😉

Get the Look: Cashmere Mafia Fashion

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5 thoughts on “Cashmere Mafia: Love it or Hate it?”

  1. I loved the plot line of the show but I agree with being slightly disappointed in the clothes area. I felt like some of the outfits were to bland while others were too out there.

  2. Yes, I was terribly disappointed. It was actually boring; not even the clothes could keep me interested for more than 5 minutes.

  3. I think this is only just showing in AUS – but from the previews I can already see its another SATC rip off.
    I’m glad you still blog about the style etc even though you weren’t a fan of the show =)

  4. I actually think opposite. I love the clothes and shoes (as i need ideas for the office) but I am disappointed in character development and chemistry.

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