Shoe Party Photos

Remember earlier this month when I was a “celebrity” judge at the Hello Stiletto shoe party?

Thats me in the middle if any of you are new here.

The party was held at Zu Robata, which is a semi-trendy sushi restaurant in Brentwood. I give the food an “eh” but maybe that is because everything on the menu was off-limits to me (can’t eat rice) but the event itself was a blast!

Tons of girls put on their best shoes to strut their stuff in front of me and the other judges in a “Stiletto Walk-off.” The judging panel included myself, Booth Moore who is the Chief Style Critic of the LA Times and Kelly Cook of Bag Snob. It was so hard for us to choose only 3 winners so we picked a few more in fun categories like “Best Bling”, “Most Shagadelic” and “The Naomi Campbell Award.”

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