Rejuva Wand, the Conclusion

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It’s been over a month since my Rejuva journey began. I started on my birthday when I was feeling old at the tender age of 27 and has now ended with me feeling better than ever.

Was it the wand?

No, sorry folks it wasn’t the wand. It’s actually been my kick ass workout regiment, but the Reujuva experience did help my mood as well. Allow me to explain …

The Rejuva Wand made me giggle like a school girl every time I looked at and isn’t laughter the best medicine?

No but really, let’s be serious for a moment. Having the Rejuva wand reminded to take care of my skin everyday. I knew that come 10:00 it was time to get my face in order. I washed, I toned, I moisturized and occasionally I rubbed a fun little wand on my face.

The wand itself didn’t really do much for me because honestly I am not wrinkled. The cleanser and the other tools were very useful to me. My skin has been going through a rough patch so having all of the proper tools in a 3 step program really helped piece my face back together.

I am now passing my Rejuva Wand on to my mom because she is just dying to try it, so if I hear any “my wrinkles are gone” miracles I will sure to pass on the word.

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