New Contest: Win a $300 Gift Card from eLuxury

You all have the FIRST shot at winning a $300 gift certificate from eLuxury.

Just head to ThisNext and start recommending stylish products. Don’t forget to tag them “Lux” — multiple entries increases your chances of winning.

Good luck! And tell me what would you buy if you won? I would put mine towards at Louis Vuitton bag for sure.

5 thoughts on “New Contest: Win a $300 Gift Card from eLuxury”

  1. favourite contest yet!

    mine would go towards Diorito Sunglasses…nothing like a nice pair of sunglasses to make you feel fab!

  2. Definitely would put it toward either a Louis Vuitton bag or a D&G bustier dress. Mmmhmm! This is the best contest so far!

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