I went ghetto for MD Skincare

I have a confession, I was seriously ghetto about an hour ago.

You see about a year and a half ago I went to Nordstrom and the woman gave me a sample of this MD Skincare All Over Blemish Gel, it was awesome. After about a week (maybe two) I had polished off the sample and my skin was looking flawless. I went back in Nordstrom and bought a tube, or so I thought. What I had really bought was a MD Skincare Blemish Spot Treatment cream — not the same but it was still pretty good.

I am working my way through the tube to this day (hope that’s safe) but I kept on dreaming about the gel. Skip ahead to last week, I walk into Sephora to pick up my gel and almost fall over when I see the price tag — $84. I have to say it would be worth it because this gel can take the ugliest skin and make it flawless but $84 was not in the cards for me, so I walked away.

Now here comes the ghetto part.

I go back into Sephora today because I have an hideous blemish on my cheek with the intention of doing a dab and run. Suddenly a stoke of genius hit me … Ask them for a sample. So I did and here I am with my tiny sample in my bag and a dab of gel on my face. I can feel it working and I know by morning my pimple will be gone. Maybe next time I will fork over the cash and get a full sized bottle, or maybe I will just go to a different Sephora and be ghetto again.

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