Get the Look: Gossip Girl fashion, Blair Waldorf

My latest guilty pleasure is watching Gossip Girl on the CW. It’s a silly little show based in New York’s upper East side with a bunch of spoiled rich prep school kids having a drama filled time. They drink, they party, they sleep with their best friend boyfriends — it’s pretty much a trashy good time. All of those good times aside, the best part of the show is the fashion — hands down.

Blair Waldorf is my favorite character, not only is she a super-bitch but she has the best style on the show (in my opinion). Her preppy pulled together look is one to be envied. Her hair is always perfect and pulled back with a headband and her prep school clothes are just funky enough.

This look here includes a navy blue patent trench from Tory Burch (which is on sale now), a great little tote by Be&D, red tights that you can pick up at Target for less than $6.00, boots by Sam Edelman (I just bought them online last night), and a red headband that you get practically anywhere … but the one pictured is from Shop Intuition.

Another Blair staple is her red heart ring, I found this one at Macy’s for under $200.

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4 thoughts on “Get the Look: Gossip Girl fashion, Blair Waldorf”

  1. This is a very cute look, except I am not completely in love with the red tights, but that is just me 🙂 When I first heard of this show, I really wanted to watch it, but never got around to it. I’m glad to read that one of the best aspects of the show is the FASHION! 🙂

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