Fashion Kitty, boot expert? Hell yes!

The Pittsburgh Tribune just published an article about Snowjoggers (those hideous Napoleon Dynamite shoes that are popular now). Read the complete article here>

Here is my part ….

Snowjoggers hit the celeb scene in January, when swag-hungry stars grabbed pairs at the Sundance Film Festival’s gift lounges.

Soon, actors and actresses were wearing the boots, not only on the snowy slopes of Utah, but also on the sidewalks of Hollywood.

That’s where Lauren Messiah, Los Angeles-based blogger for AOL’s StyleDash site, noticed them. She spotted Lindsay Lohan in a pink pair in January.

Since then, other gossip and style blogs — like and FabSugar — have sounded the Snowjoggers alarm.

Celebrity-style posts usually get a big response on StyleDash and, in today’s fashion world, stars hold sway over what the masses will be wearing, Messiah said.

“People will comment and say that something is the ugliest thing they have ever seen, and six months later they are all wearing it,” she said.

The trends that break in Los Angeles sometimes take a while to spread to the rest of the country. On a recent weekday night in Squirrel Hill, shoppers wore cowboy boots, Converse sneakers and L.L. Bean-style duck boots. No Snowjoggers in sight.

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