Dear Fashion Kitty, Winter Help!

Ever since it’s gotten cold, I feel like I’ve been in a rut. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for cute, nice flats that I could wear socks with, or if there is some way I could wear sock with my other flats that don’t make me look ridiculous. Also, I feel like since winter has began, the only pants I’ve been wearing are jeans. What are some other options?! (Keep in mind, I don’t look too hot in skinny jeans/pants).

I would rock these Marc Jacobs mouse flats with over the knee black and white striped socks.

Okay the thought of flats and socks scared me at first, but I think we can figure something out for you. If the mission is warmth (which I believe it is) here are some options that I think are way chic.

  • Wear your favorite ballet flats with black opaque tights and leg warmers.
  • Socks and flat boots. Flat boots are all the rage right now so it should be very simple to find a pair.
  • Mary Jane style flats with over the knee socks.

On to part two of your question … the pants issue. Questions like these make me feel lucky to live in Los Angeles. Lately I have been wearing short shorts, skirts and dresses all with tights or leg warmers and I am just fine. However I do realize the rest of the world is freezing their asses off, so here are some options.

Who needs jeans when you have cords? They are warmer too!

  • I know you don’t like skinny pants, but if you pair leggings with knee high boots you will balance out the shape so it’s not so bad. Wear this combo under extra long sweaters or mini dresses.
  • There is always a trusty pair of wide leg trousers. They are really comfortable and you can wear tights underneath them to keep warm.

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