Dear Fashion Kitty, Slippery Shoes

I just got a pair of Stuart Weitzman peep-toes on super sale from Neimans. I absolutely LOVE them, but the soles have zero traction. I’m slipping and sliding all over the place and I haven’t even left my apartment. I tried to search ThisNext for a product, but I couldn’t find what i was looking for. Do you know something i could stick on the bottle of my shoes?

Stuart Weitzman’s from Neimans that I wish were on sale!

Mmm… I just love a super sale!

I totally feel your pain on slippery soled shoes, I have so been there. I have two solutions for you. One solution is ghetto and one is not ghetto at all …

1.) Ghetto style: This is so shameful but I have done it before (only with cheap shoes). Go outside with your shoes on and scoot your feet along the side walk. Seriously, it roughs up the bottoms of your shoes and keeps you from slipping.

and if being ghetto isn’t your thing …

2. ) Non ghetto style: Take your shoes into a repair shop and get them resoled. This is a method I learned from a very smart woman who always takes her Manolos to get them resoled. This method not only protects your expensive shoes but it takes the slip and slide out of them too.

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