Dear Fashion Kitty, Rachel Pally fit question …

Hi, I just read your profile and your stats so I am going to seem like a moose to you. Nevertheless, I just saw that Nordstrom is carrying Rachel Pally. They offer size large which they equate to size 8-10. I am pretty much a 12. After large, they switch to plus size, i.e. 1X which I think is 14. I know her fabrics are stretchy but I don’t know whether to try the Large or the 1X. Any suggestions?

Okay, I was seriously debating posting the first part of this question but it just cracked me up too much so I had to. Girl you are NOT a moose and you are NOT plus sized. It is nice to know Rachel Pally is designing for everyone now with her plus sized collection though, and it’s really cute too! But back to your question, go for the large trust me — I will explain.

Rachel Pally’s unique blend of fabrics makes it possible for you to squeeze without looking squeezed in. Twice a year Rachel Pally has a sample sale (this weekend in fact if you are in Los Angeles) and I have bought XS’s because that was all that was left and trust me … I would never buy something that made me look horrifying. I actually think most of her clothes run a bit on the large size.

Buy a large and if it doesn’t fit, return it and go for the extra large because those plus sized designs are way cute (the top pictured is my favorite).

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