Dear Fashion Kitty, Piano Key Necktie

Hey there Fashion Kitty,

I’ve been running myself up a WALL trying to find one of those vintage piano necktie’s (just like Will Ferrell invented in Zoolander). Does ANYONE sell them? Do you know where I can get a hold of one? I’ve got an 80’s themed party for New Year’s this year and am trying to get one before then. Any info you come across would be very helpful. Thanks!

I hate to play favorites, but fuck it … this is my favorite Ask Fashion Kitty question. Maybe you all aren’t aware but I am obsessed with Zoolander. If you care for a laugh read my Zoolander list on ThisNext and check out the sweet, sweet art bar I made to go with.

I did a little hunting around the web and you’re right it’s not an easy tie to find. I did find 2 ties or you can get the tee shirt that has the tie printed on it (but it’s doesn’t have the same effect, I know).

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