Dear Fashion Kitty, Jeans Question

After reading last week’s article “Fashion Kitty’s Guide to Premium Denim” I realized I don’t have a favorite denim because there isn’t a pair of jeans on the market that fits my shape. I had a great pair of dark blue jeans in high school that I wore until I was 26. By the time I threw them out they were nearly white from years of washing.

Fashion Kitty, what brand/style of jeans would flatter someone with a high waist, medium sized thighs but skinny legs & ankles? That’s my dilemma!

Wow, based on your description I will take your legs any day honey! You sound like a denim’s dream!

Since your waist is so high, wearing super-low rise jeans will not flatter your figure. I recommend wearing a pair of jeans with a slightly higher waist (not those freaky super- high-waisted jeans).

Joe’s Jeans in the ‘Muse’ cut seem like the perfect fit for you. Of course this is without me seeing you or knowing what you last pair of jeans looked like. I like the slightly higher waist for you as it will even you out and should fit very comfortably.

Since you are lucky enough to not have large thighs and your legs are nice and slender, the slight flare in these jeans will balance you out perfectly. These jeans are going to make your legs look miles long and super lean (both good things). The price point on Joe’s ain’t too shabby either, these pictured here are only $158.

If anyone else has a similar body type please share your favorite type of jeans.

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  1. Thanks Fashion Kitty, my first gift to myself in the new year will be the stretch jeans. I’ll take a pic and let you know how they feel.

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