Dear Fashion Kitty, Boot help!

I am so glad I found your site! I really need help! I’m an over 40 stay at home mom looking for a pair of boots that go with everything! I usually like a comfortable, low heel, but still want something I can pair with a casual jersey or sweater dress. I ordered the Born (love the comfort of this brand) Whitley, fits perfect, love the contrast stitching, but I think it just might be a little to casual for wearing with a dress. What about the Born Thicket? Would that be a better choice?

Please help!

I had no idea Born made women’s shoes, cute women’s shoes at that. I checked them both out and I am a fan of the Whitley boot. Sure it’s a bit more casual but I like what that look does for a jersey dress. The Thicket boots are nice as well but personally I am not a huge fan of the toe since they are not quite pointy and not quite round — so stick with the Whitley, good choice.

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Boot help!”

  1. I love both pairs, but I got to disagree with you on the toe of the Thicket.

    I prefer that mid-round/mid-pointy toe on all my shoes, including boots. It might not work for everyone, though.

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