Celebrity BMI

A little game if you are bored at work … My body match is Jessica Alba (the non pregnant version)

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5 thoughts on “Celebrity BMI”

  1. Jennifer Lopez. Whats up with all these pregnant people.

    My body type is sooooo much different than JLo’s. That thing sucks!


  2. I feel you, patent shoes && rants!

    Mine is J Lo, too..and I don’t even look anything like her…except may be my butt?.. lol

  3. Mine seemed pretty reasonable, my body type is pretty similar to Lindsay Lohan.

    But then I played around with the numbers, and I realized this thing is nonsense! They claim that Jessica Alba (19.9) and Natalie Portman (19.6), two very slender (and very lovely) girls, have higher BMIs than J Lo (19) and her voluptuous booty. No way is that true…

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