Betsey Johnson purchases

I worked over at Betsey Johnson this past weekend and needless to say, I spent my entire paycheck (plus some). Here is what I got …

FashionKitty's recommendations at ThisNext

I also did some damage at Kohls with the line from Vera Wang. Let me tell you … I am not a fan of Kohls (that place gives me the creeps) but I hit it big there. We don’t have a Kohls in LA (if we do I don’t know about it) and the people here in the suburbs of DC haven’t a clue about fashion, so I knew there would be some good stuff there. I got a sweater, a nice top, a pair of stacked heel leather boots, metallic leggings and some earrings. Everything was 40-70% off so I didn’t spend much at all.

Not everything I got is online but here are some of my favorite pieces that are online.

FashionKitty's "verawang" picks

3 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson purchases”

  1. Betsey Johnson is a fashion genius. Love the cardigan and the dresses. The earrings are cute as well.

    The Vera Wang line isn’t something I’d expect from Vera but is cute. Some of their stuff I’m not too sure about though.


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