Total Hate

Nothing brightens my day like a good old fashioned piece of hate mail. I enjoyed this one so much I decided to post it with the video “Total Hate” from No Doubt (I think it matches the hate mail perfectly).

Hate on bitches, hate on.

messiah…you have no idea what a stuck up prick you sound like! it breaks my heart that all the girls who can’t afford your snot nose preferable labels have to read your crap opinion! really, who do you think you are? go break out in hives on someone elses watch and leave the greater parts of the american blue collar alone. i try to think that the people who can afford unrealistically expensive clothing aren’t as absolutely abnoxious as you sound. i may have just lost hope. except that i’m not sure you yourself are not just putting on false airs yourself. ha! are you a pretender trying to win accolades from gwen stefani? who knows.

4 thoughts on “Total Hate”

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  2. I keep waiting for my first really nasty piece of hate mail. There was one that was somewhat nasty, but didn’t exactly make me blush. Eh… part of the job, I guess. I’m a pretty sensitive person, though. However, I think I’m more offended when friends are insulted.

    So, without further ado…

    That person is such a jerk. If they don’t want to read your blog, they don’t have to — same with all those other girls they mention that are supposedly so scarred by reading about fashion they can’t afford.

    Granted, I love a great bargain, but I don’t understand people who pretty much say, “I can’t afford X, therefore you shouldn’t have it either.” There are a lot of women out there who do earn a good bit of money. Who are they to say how those women should spend their money?

    And for those of us who can’t afford it, what’s wrong with appreciating stuff we can’t have? I’m never going to own a real Monet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like looking at them online (and maybe copying a few lines myself).

    Anyway, I know I’m preaching to the choir and jerks like that don’t listen to reasoning.

    So, let me just finish by saying thanks for putting up stuff like that because I really do appreciate the work you put into your blog.

  3. I can honestly say i can’t afford half of what you post up here but the pieces that i love i try to find something similar to it at a cheaper store. It definetly keeps me on the hunt. You do inspire me, regardless if i can afford it or not. Keep shopping and rocking everything you love!!!! I love reading your blog.

  4. Wow, the special part for me was the “putting on false airs”, a phrase I haven’t heard in a conversation outside of a Victorian novel. I think I’m going to work “putting on false airs” into at least three dialogs this week, and maybe write it three times on binder paper. Fantastic lesson. (LOL!!!!)

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