Rejuva Action

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I have been using my Rejuva Wand for say, um … 14 days and I have come to a few realizations over those 14 days:

  1. I actually don’t have forehead wrinkles, perhaps I was being a bit over dramatic on my birthday
  2. This thing really does look like a sex toy.

Realization two was stupid (but true), it’s realization one that I want to focus on. When I realized I didn’t actually have forehead wrinkles I decided to test this tool out on my cheeks instead (they aren’t wrinkly either but I thought they could use a bit more glow). I am not sure that I am glowing but I was pleasantly surprised by a few things.

  1. The cleansing program that comes with the wand is really, really good. My skin has never felt cleaner and my stressed out skin is looking a heck of a lot better.
  2. I think the wand actually warded off two monster zits. You know the ones you can feel brewing under your skin? I had to come on and they just never came.

That’s the only updates I have right now. I will give you all another update soon.

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