Oops I did it again

I have counted down the 10 ugliest shoes on the plant and they are pissed!

Read it here>>

4 thoughts on “Oops I did it again”

  1. I especially love the “I’d like to see a photo of you. I’d guess you have no style at all” comment. Muahahaha! Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the drama of it all.

    And for the record, you are SO right.

  2. I agree with Hope Robertson – if they had seen your blog and pic’s they’d know you are have a lot of style and expertise!!!
    Haters! =)

  3. Really liked you count down of the uglist shoes ever…hah I def. agree…altho still love the uggs…just not with mini skirts in the summer….
    <3 A daily reader

  4. O.M.G. How crazy is it that you were called a “fashion police” snob! LOL! You have an enviable sense of style and you certainly know what you are talking about in the shoe/boot department. And for the record, I agree with everything you had to say about all of the shoes on your list. A few of those shoes may be comfortable, but they are still ugly.

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