NARS Zulu Nail Polish

NARS Zulu Nail Polish

Move over Chanel Black Satin because THIS is the new “it” nail polish color. I saw this last night in Sephora’s catalog and I just know that I have to have it. Its a beauty insiders exclusive so you better join the club if you want some of this.

The color is a dark forest green and its by NARS so you know its good.

One thought on “NARS Zulu Nail Polish”

  1. This will be a tough shade to come by. As far as I know, it was discontinued. Zulu had been for sale on the NARS site for months in their vintage section at half price. Then it went out of stock and popped up as a Sephora Beauty Insider item. They probably just bought NARS old stock of it. So unless NARS chooses to reintroduce the color in their new formula, this one is going to be impossible to get. I believe it’s already sold out on

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