“It’s my birthday!!!”

I must have said that about 85 times last night.

Today is technically birthday but I was celebrating on east coast time because that’s my hometown baby! The celebration started last night at 9pm with dinner at Parc and then some dancing action at Les Deux.

What a night.

27 is going to be a good year. A damn fine year. I rung in MY new year with:

  • A dress by Betsey Johnson
  • Shoes by Marc Jacobs
  • Random pair of Lucite earrings
  • and a Hello Kitty coin purse

6 thoughts on ““It’s my birthday!!!””

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I think I’ve said it somewhere…but hell, I’m saying it again…

    You sure know how to have fun and damn, you look fab!

    *birthday kisses*

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!
    My B-Day was Tuesday so I couldn’t celebrate but looks like you did enough for me and you….I will get my party on next year for the big 4-0!!!!!

  3. buahahaha! i *love* how you put all the pictures together of you rocking out like you’re on the dancefloor. um, yeah, you weren’t on the dancefloor.

    such a pretty little birthday cupcake you were!

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