DIY Weekend- Mike & Chris Hoodie

It isn’t exactly the weekend (sure does feel like it) — its 2:30pm on Black Friday and I have just stopped being full from yesterday. I don’t know what it is about Thanksgiving, but it never seems like I ate that much … yet I still feel the effects of eating like a pig monster. I decided not to fight the crowds and instead stayed in for some DIY …

The kind folks at Champion sent me two hoodies on Wednesday- one was a cute red women’s zip-up hoodie and the other was a men’s camo hoodie. The camo hoodie was especially awesome, except for one thing … they sent me a XXL. I can get down with the over-sized look but this was absurd. I would have to eat like I did on Thanksgiving everyday for 3 years to fit into this thing.

Last night I used it as a sleeping bag which was pretty awesome until I remembered I had instructions on how to turn a mens hoodie into a slick looking Mike & Chris hoodie. The article was in Nylon magazine and because I never throw out a magazine I still had it.

Today was the perfect day to get crafty and I did go to fashion design school so I knew I could handle the challenge.

I dusted off my sewing machine (literally), got out of my box of tools and went to work. I loosely followed the instructions in Nylon and added a few of my own twists. The whole operation took me 3 or 4 hours. The results are awesome! Since my hoodie was SO big, I turned it into a little dress. I am wearing it now with leggings and boots. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

8 thoughts on “DIY Weekend- Mike & Chris Hoodie”

  1. it looks so good! I have a question for you…where did you get your dress form? I’ve been looking to get one. Thanks! (j.lisa4@ gmail . com)

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