Dear Fashion Kitty, What do I wear?

I have a question…my future hubby and I are going to the Bayou Classic this month. Normally I would just wear jeans, sweater and some boots, but he is wearing slacks so I can’t do just jeans.

I was thinking of wearing black slacks, black boots, and long grey v-neck sweater, white collar shirt and a big black belt. I’m 5’2” and size 16.

I haven’t seen anyone that’s wearing the big sweaters this season…what say you????

Big sweaters are so in! I am lusting after a ton of them right now. I am just waiting for Los Angeles to cool down so I can wear them.

Here are some inspiring big sweater looks for you:

Check this one out from Net-a-Porter! This is pretty much the EXACT same outfit you planned. Dang girl! You can plan an outfit like a pro.

I also like this look which has a neat little scarf over the over-sized sweater. Adds a little drama and that extra V will elongate your silhouette.

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