Dear Fashion Kitty, I need nose ring help!

Hi! First I have to tell you I’m a huge fan! Thus I come to you guys with this dilemma. I’ve been searching for a cool nose screw (nostril jewelry). I’ve only been able to find the same boring single gem types in every piercing parlor, but I want something a little more special. I like Venus by Maria Tash, but their prices are a tad steep, I’m hoping for something like their designs, but in the $50.00 – $75.00 range. Can you think of any cheaper options? Also, something set in surgical steel would be best.

My favorite design from Venus is ….

Can you think of any cheaper options?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there! I love this question because I have a nose ring too and come to think of it … I REALLY need a new one. I have had the same silver stud for years and years.

The nose rings from that site are gorgeous and I have to tell you its going to be really hard to find something as fabulous. If I were you I would save up because you are going to wear it everyday.

I did find some cheaper alternatives that are cute but they are no Venus:

  • Piercing [dot] com: Offers inexpensive (about $14.99 a pop) nose screws and rings. I thought the star ring was pretty cute.

  • Has great real diamond nose rings, they are pretty plain but are of high quality.

  • Not a bad selection, the nose ring pictured above it from Pierced Fish.

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