Dear Fashion Kitty, I need tights help!

Hi Fashion Kitty,

I’ve always been a hater of pantyhose and tights. Why? Because the elastic at the waist pinches out the fat that I, for so long, have been able to ignore. I’m not a fat person (size 0, 2 or 4 depending on the vanity sizing). What gives? Are there any tights/leggings/hosiery that don’t point out the lack of rock hard abs?

You certainly asked the right girl because not only I am living in black tights this fall and winter, I know the exact problem you are dealing with. No one wants a fat roll and tights should help suck it all in, not let it all hang out (and over).

Here are some tips on how to avoid the dreaded fat roll …

  • With leggings: Buy leggings without an elastic waistband. Seriously, they make them and they are fabulous! I have a pair by Young, Broke and Fabulous, the waistband is wide and doesn’t show any rolls. Just beware that with these you need to buy a pair tight enough to stay up.
  • With tights: 2 solutions for this one — either buy a pair of body shaping tights from Spanx or jack ’em up, way up. Spanx are great because they actually make you a size smaller. I don’t know how the hell they do it but they do. Spanx are also a bit pricier than a standard pair of black tights. So when my Spanx are dirty I wear black tights from Hue and pull them so high that they could double as a boob support beam. It seems a bit absurd but it works.

Kittens, do you have any tips for this problem? If so, stop being greedy and share your secrets in the comments section.

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