Dear Fashion Kitty, Give me ‘Dancing with the Stars’ hair

This question may seem a bit odd but it’s beauty related and with your knowledge on all things fashionable I was hoping you could help me out. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Julianne Hough but she is one of the professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars, this year paired with Helio Castronovas. The one thing that I notice time and time again is how amazing her hair looks on each show. Almost like a beachy wave without all the crunchiness/salt. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can always go on to and view pictures from the show where you will see her hairstyle. Anyways, as a struggler with curly/wavy hair I was wondering if you might happen to know any ways to achieve this cute look. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


So glad you enjoy reading my blog! I actually do not watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but I did do a little hunting around on ThisNext to find out what people use to get that beachy hair look. Here is what I found:

Bigelow Chemist: Kusco- Murphy Beach Hair4 people recommended this item, here is one of the stand outs by Heather Haber ….

“If I want my naturally thin and very slightly wavy hair to look like I spent a day at the beach then rolled around in bed for awhile (yes, that IS a good thing) with massive amounts of volume, I turn to this. It smells amazing, too.”

Another product I found is Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves. This product …

“… has a heat-activated UV shield that protects, creates soft waves, and smells like coconuts and the ocean waves.”

Hope those (and the products below) are helpful! Readers if you know any beach hair tips please share them in the comments section.

"beach hair" recommendations at ThisNext

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  1. Oooo! I looove Julianne’s hair! It’s so full and gorgeous!! I actually used many of the Beach Blonde products by John Frieda — like the sculpting gel — last summer. I have stick straight hair, and it really helped maintain fullness and wave.

  2. Even though my hair is naturally wavy, I use garnier fructis surf wax to texturize my locks and to really enhance the waves. The coconut smell is awesome, but be warned: too much product can make your hands and hair sticky. Just a tiny bit of this stuff gets the work done. I also like to mix a tiny drop of john freida’s hair serum to soften my hair. I hope this helps!

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