Bargain Shopping, YES I can do that too!

Recently I have decided to shape up.

My body.

I joined a gym about a month ago and started using a personal trainer. It’s pretty hardcore. I have to be worked out like a dog, I have to sweat, and I have to log in EVERYTHING I eat into (sorry I haven’t updated Get Fit, this has been taking all of my food logging time). I thought I ate pretty well in the past, but as it turns out just because I eat tofu and veggies doesn’t mean that chocolate covered gummi bears are pardoned. Damn the man.

A few things have to change with my new lifestyle. For starters, no more chocolate covered gummi bears. No more salad dressing (only vinegar), no more egg yolks, and no more boozing 5 times a week …

Oh and no more REAL shopping for me, just bargain shopping. I have to pay for a trainer now. Plus in a few months I will have a new bangin’ body to shop for. I did some bargain shopping this weekend (you know for practice) and I think I did pretty well:


  • Little Black A-line Dress by Isaac Mizrahi- I bought the dress 2 sizes too big because it gave it more a swinging 60’s look.
  • Black long sleeved tee by Mossimo- This is what I went in for, I needed a black tank for layering (so many possibilities).
  • Fingerless gloves from Alice Temperly- These were just laying there so sad on a sale rack, and for $7 they had to be mine. Not sure what kind of outfit I will use these for, but they did keep me warm in my chilly apartment last night.
  • Metallic leopard print socks by Xhilaration- Okay, these were just cute and were only $2.99. They remind me of Betsey Johnson hosiery, I will find something cool to wear them with.

Dame (Santa Monica, CA):

  • Black patterned dress- I picked this up and thought it looked totally foolish, so what did I do? I tried it on. It looks awesomely foolish and it was mine for a cool $20.

  • Thigh High black tights- A must have this fall for $10.


  • Leopard print peep toes by ABS- The last thing I need is another pair of leopard print shoes but this pair spoke to me. They said “Fashion Kitty … you need me” and who am I to argue with a pair of $60 shoes?

4 thoughts on “Bargain Shopping, YES I can do that too!”

  1. I love Target! I shop there often. The pieces you’ve gotten there are a great find. And the black dress is awesome. I keep looking at it on the racks every time i go into Target.

    The shoes are great!

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