Are you ready for Project Runway?

I know I am! I have been preparing all weekend by watching the Season 3 DVD.

I hope that this new season can live up to the drama of last season. I really forgot how much I liked season 3. I mean, we had good old neck tattooed Jeffry Sebelia — I still wonder what his collection would have looked like with those blond wigs. That bitch Laura Bennett, seriously she was a bitch and if I saw one more feathered cocktail dress I thought I might puke. Uli was just annoying with her silly little beachy dresses. And of course we had Michael, poor misguided Michael who blew it in the end with his urban safari collection.

Wow, reminiscing is fun. Hope I didn’t ruin all of the fun for you. Tune in tonight for Season 4 where I am sure some craziness will go down.

3 thoughts on “Are you ready for Project Runway?”

  1. Micheal and Laura were my favorite designers from season 3. I would seriously wear just about everything they put together.

    I started out liking Jeffrey but then he became the world’s biggest azz. So needless to say I wasn’t pleased with the outcome.

    Looking forward to this season!

  2. I have to say that Uli was my favorite with a close second by Jeffrey. In the end I think his risks & out of the box view won him the title. Michael has so much potential & I was expecting some great things…but he blew it in the end. Laura was… ok.

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