LA Fashion Week Street Style Round-Up

L.A. Fashion Week street style is much different than say a New York Fashion Week’s street style. In New York you would expect everyone to be impossibly thin, donning head-to-toe black, and to be very chic. In L.A. the laid back style comes out to play, which often made me wonder if I was at Fashion Week or in line at Les Deux.

The eclectic style was somewhat refreshing and made people watching that much more fun. I scanned the crowd while sipping my pomegranate cocktails to see if I could pick up on any emerging trends. One trend I picked up on was all of the man-candy rocking nerd glasses, which was so very hot.

Another trend is one I wore … black tights with summery dresses. Since it is always lovely out in LA you can wear your summer dresses year round but added a Fall twist is always nice to do — black tights do just that.

I also saw so many pairs oF YSL Tribute patent leather pumps!!! I was seriously considering ripping a pair off one girl’s feet … they looked that good.

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