LA Fashion Week Day 1

I just walked in the door of my apartment, back from day 1 of LA Fashion Week.

I am high off fashion (and 2 cocktails … so excuse my extra poor writing). What a great first day.

The day starts off pretty boring … standing in line for press passes. I can’t help but to be paranoid that something will go wrong, but lucky for me everything is fine because i am “in”. As soon as I leave the press trailer the photographers seem to be stricken by my wonderful sense of style, they snap away at me.

After smiling for the cameras and praying I don’t end up looking like a complete fool, I walk into the kick-off party hosted by the Daily. I scoped the crowd for pretty people and came up short and settled for standing in the long line for a cocktail. 2 drinks and 2 more pictures of me later… I am having a ball.

The Randolph Duke show was amazing, I couldn’t believe how close I was! (more coverage for that show on StyleDash).

Wow! This post is probably so scatter brained but whatever. I just wanted to share my excitement. So take what you can get 🙂

Celebrity/ designer sightings … Tarina Tarantino (whom I met), Petra Zillia (designed Paris Hiltons’s coming out jail outfit), Bai Ling, Whitney from the Hills and James Augiar.

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