Dear Fashion Kitty, In need of a vest!

I have been looking for a cute black fitted vest, but the only ones I have found are sold out (Banana Republic) or ridiculously overpriced (shopbop). I am putting together a business outfit for a headshot, and I don’t want to wear a dowdy-looking business suit. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is an example>

Thanks so much!

Vests are so hot right now! I don’t blame you at for wanting one and for wanting a good deal on one. The deals can be a bit harder to come by for two reasons: 1.) They are very “in” right now and 2.) And at the same time they are a classic piece and these wardrobe staples usually cost a bit more.

All reasons aside, I did a little digging for you are here is what I have found … (in addition to these check places like Loehmann’s because I have seen a lot of black vests in the $39 range)

$98 Zinco

$78 Arden B

$39 Bloomingdales

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