Dear Fashion Kitty: Homecoming Woes

Hi Fashion Kitty! I was wondering if you could help me! I am a freshman is high school and I got asked to homecoming by a boy that I don’t like-like. We are just friends, and I don’t want to look as if I am trying too hard or make any frosh mistakes on homecoming. Are there any rules I don’t know???

Ohhh homecoming, you are making this little kitty feel old 😉 Here is what you need to do… Tell this guy that you have a date with your gal pals but you will save him a dance. Say it in a friendly/ non-mean girl tone. Trust me, don’t take a boy you don’t like to homecoming it will ruin your night. I did that once (long ago) and I didn’t have the best time. We didn’t dance, we barely spoke, it was uncomfortable. Saving him a dance is enough.

And of course … Look fabulous and have fun. Make a day of getting ready. Invite your girls over to get dressed and take pictures. Homecoming is supposed to be fun not stressful 🙂

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