Sweet Escape … Weekend Getaway

I am taking a trip to Northern California this weekend and I am faced with a challenge … packing light. You see my travel companion and I are driving instead of flying (she has a slight fear of tiny planes) and the car we have rented is a sports car.

A tiny sports car.

Maybe you don’t understand how tiny tiny is. Tiny is a Mazda Miata … I have seen lunch boxes bigger than this trunk. So two very fashionable gals are forced to pack and as light as possible and still look fabulous on their getaway.

I think I have achieved my mission — but really we will find out in the morning when we are stuffing the trunk full of our crap. I packed 2 very small DVF bags and I will have my purse in the front. Here is what I packed (one back up outfit not pictured). I will be sure to post any exciting pictures that I take over the weekend. Check out my Twitter (pink box in my sidebar) this weekend to see what I am up to. Ta ta bitches!!!

Casual Clothes:

  • Outfit #1 (for the drive)- Taverniti So jeans, Rachel Pally tube top, LAMB hoodie, Havaianas flip flops
  • Outfit #2- Young, Broke, and Fabulous cashmere leggings, striped metallic shirt, LaRok beige metallic hoodie, MIA leopard print heels.
  • Outfit #3- Taverniti So jeans, black top Ella Moss, hat Christys’, undershirt Betsey Johnson
  • Outfit #4 (not pictured)- J Brand skinny jeans, vintage green Mexican blouse

Dress Clothes:

  • Outfit #1- striped tube dress, cropped black sweater, shoes by Betsey Johnson
  • Outfit #2- black wrap dot net dress by Betsey Johnson, leopard shoes by MIA, bracelet by Lotta Stenson, necklace vintage

4 thoughts on “Sweet Escape … Weekend Getaway”

  1. haha I’ve travelled so much I can get away with wearing practically the same outfit everyday. Add or subtract a coat and accessories, and I am golden!

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