Remember when Jenna was Hot?

Heatherette fashion shows are known for being crazy. Wild designs, over the top celebrity models … Remember when Nicole Richie showed us her goods, that was at a Heatherette show … So to see Lil Mama perform, half naked men parading down the runway, and small children modeling couture dresses was no surprise. But to see former porn star Jenna Jameson looking like a damn anorexic duck?

Yeah that shocked me a bit.

Look at how hot Jenna used to be. What a pretty face, nice body (even if it was enhanced) … just a nice porn star next door. I have no idea why being one of the most desirable women to men )and women) wasn’t enough for her. Jenna had to go off and jack herself up. She lost a ton of weight, got a pair of duck lips, and a scary hair cut.

There she is in all of her glory prancing down the runway. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you being skinny isn’t always hot! The look just doesn’t work for everyone. If you are blessed with a great rack and killer ass KEEP IT because people will miss it when it’s gone.

15 thoughts on “Remember when Jenna was Hot?”

  1. People may miss it when its gone, but they won’t miss her when she is. The world moves too fast for someone to try and do an identity overhaul and not get swept away but the downtime. People used to watch her because of who she was and how stunning she really was. Now she’s just plain scary. It’s like she went from Pamela Anderson to Michael Jackson.

  2. I think women of all ages have so much pressure to be youthful and skinny and pretty. And a celebrity feels that pressure 10 times stronger, I bet. Especially, as one gets older. Tough to remain gorgeous forever. Cosmetic surgery can do wonders, but some women just don’t know when enough is enough.

  3. It’s a great look, i am sure she knows exactly what she is doing, and she is happy with the results of what she has done, or is doing to herself.We should allow the entertainers to do as they please, that is their profession to entertain; as long as you teach your daughters not to replicate the entertainers you should all be thrilled about a 100lbs woman with D boobs…lol

  4. Maybe all that PENIS activity via the mouth sucked her entire body into an anorexic duck ?

    I dunno… all I know is that if I don’t trip over any of my body parts (when I get up and out of bed) in the AM, I’m doin’ ok !

  5. Her whole FACE looks different! Face lift maybe? Her eyes look all squinty…and that can’t just be from weight loss. Losing weight doesn’t make your eyes look like that.

    She looks horrible. How sad. 🙁 And she was so hot before too. (This coming from a straight girl!)

  6. Jenna used to be so pretty. What happened? She looks like a bag of bones with fish lips. She got divorced and looks scarry as hell! Who ever told her she looks good like that needs to be kicked into next week!

  7. She was hot in her day, but now looks like she belongs in a circus freak show! Her life style has surley taken it’s toll on her. How sad for her. She needs to gain some weight and have her lips reduced!!!

  8. Good god, what?! Since when did Jenna J. decide she wanted to do high-fashion? I somehow hadn’t heard about this before.

    Seriously, good point, though; that whole “frail” look is not for the masses. Most people look good curvy (albeit, not overweight), this is a prime example.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks it’s obvious that she’s just pursing her lips to be cute at the end of the runway? Surely that’s not how she looks normally, lip/cheekwise.

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