Phermones on Fire with L.A.M.B Perfume

I purchased Gwen Stefani’s perfume about a month ago and I love it! I scent is raking in the men left and right, I have even had a few women tell me I smell good.

So it’s nice to see that Gwennie has expanded her fragrance line to include a lotion, shower gel, and now a solid perfume. I think I might have to go wild on this fragrance because I love it so much, it is so my signature scent … I mean it’s called “L” that’s only my first initial.

I tried on the lotion yesterday at Sephora; it’s not too heavy weight wise and the scent is stronger than most scented lotions without being overpowering. The solid perfume is something I haven’t had the pleasure of trying because I believe it just came out today. but it will be perfect for traveling or just tossing in your purse.

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