One step closer …

Update: Consultation was reschedule for tomorrow at 7pm… Is it a sign? I don’t know. Ahhhh… the suspense is killing me!

I am going to chop my hair off. It just has to be done. A new chapter must be unveiled. So hold on tight. I have my consultation today at 6:30 PST — let’s see if I am as brave once I enter a salon (first time in 8 years). I am going to be influenced by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl. Maybe my insane fascination with that film was for a reason. I mean I did watch it 3 times in 24 hours. I won’t be going totally blond, maybe a few blondish pieces in the front with brown as my overall color. We will see what the stylist thinks.

The salon I am going to has done the hair of some major celebrities… Iman, Beverly Johnson, Lisa Bonet, Stevie Wonder, and even the Rza. I am imagine I am in good hands.

I don’t know how much of my hair will be left after the dreads are cut out, so I imagine I will have a some extensions put in. I am not above fake hair so shut your mouth. Wish me luck. And if my bravery sticks around and I do get rid of the past 8 years of my life, you better believe I will document the whole thing right here on Ask Fashion Kitty.

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments.

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