Must Have Leggings by DKNY

I picked up a copy of French Glamour at the newsstand the other day, sure I don’t know French but the pictures sure were pretty. The only English in the magazine was the clothing credits and celebrity names (all American celebrities); which really isn’t that all the English I need.

I saw these great sequin leggings that I just have to have. They outfit was pretty much exactly as seen above, the only difference was a pair of studded high heels. I have been searching for a store that sells them but so far no such luck. I am confident I will find them.

Oh …

I have been asked by a reader and friend to provide a PSA with this post … no big girls need to be rocking these leggings. NOTHING looks worse than a pair of stretched out sequins. These are NOT your everyday leggings that you wear for comfort, these are to be worn only by people who can pull them off without popping off sequins … if you know what I mean.

4 thoughts on “Must Have Leggings by DKNY”

  1. I was a bit scared until I read your PSA. I had a vision of seeing Jennifer Hudson or Scarlette J wearing sequin leggings!!!

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